Zeus stood out from the others almost immediately, not only by virtue of his colouring, but because of his striking personality. He’s so distinctly the leader of the group that Zeus is a name truly befitting him. And it’s also somehow appropriate that he’s the biggest of the gang. At least, so far he is. He’s quite fearless, and very inquisitive. I foresee much mischief!


Zorba is the other male. He and Zeus are great pals, often together which doubtless means they’ll be partners in crime. They are similar in size and shape, very broad of shoulder and beam, with sturdy legs and thick tails. They almost certainly have the same dad – he must be quite big –  but goodness only knows who he is and where he is. Bella was pregnant when she arrived at our house, and where she came from is also unknown. We are outside of the village, and there are no other dogs around us here, so I guess their dad might even have been some distance away.

Zorba’s a happy, happy little guy. He runs about all over the place, wanting to play with the others. But most of all he wants to be petted. He only has to hear my voice to come scampering along, wriggling between my feet, tail going like a little windmill. Scratch his back, behind his ears and he’s beside himself with delight. Put him down and he begs to be picked up again. He’ll be a most devoted pet. No question. They will all be, for each one is affectionate and contented.

Freddie came back today from Albania where he’d gone to spend Easter with the family. When he left, the puppies were six days old. To say Freddie was astonished at their growth is something of an understatement. Zorba ran straight up to him, and wanted to be friends. I think that’s amazing at only four weeks of age, and shows what a trusting and friendly doggie Zorba is.


Zoe, one of the three girls, seemed at first to be of the same father as Zeus and Zorba, but is smaller. Now as she grows, I’m not so sure for her tail is more slender than theirs, and her head not as square. She’s very fond of her brothers and makes a point of being around them. Zoe means life in Greek, and she’s certainly full of life. She’s a solid fawn colour with just a titch of white on the paws, and a little white bib. Some darker hair is beginning to appear on her back, so maybe she will change colour as she grows. It’s hard to tell. She’s as well adjusted as her brothers, though the girls are not quite as strong as they.


Zza Zza has a teensy tip of white on her ever-wagging tail. She’s very particular about where she’ll lie down, and very dainty when she eats. It’s quite funny to watch her. She doesn’t like to be spattered with food by the boys who are rather rambunctious in their eating habits, rushing from plate to plate as they do in their eagerness to stick their noses into everybody’s business.

Why did I call her Zza Zza? For some reason the late Zza Zza Gabor flashed into my mind as I watched the fastidious doggie trying to brush puppy food off her face. Miss Gabor was always immaculately groomed – and quite a character she was – so Bella’s little girl has been named for her.


Zelda is different. Freddie says she’s a hunting dog, whereas her siblings are mostly Greek sheepdog. Certainly Zelda has a different shape, a smaller head, a longer, thinner tail, and the brown markings typically seen on the hounds here on the Pelion. She’s the smallest of all the pups, leaner in build, and a little less adventurous, but is happy and thriving.

She’ll sit quietly in the kennel, watching and pondering, and then, after much consideration, she’ll join in all the fun; it seems she’s of a philosophical bent. Why Zelda? Zelda Fitzgerald was the wife of F. Scott Fitzgerald, author of The Great Gatsby. She was a complicated person, greatly talented and very high spirited – different, one could say. So yes, I’ve called Bella’s smallest pup Zelda, but that’s not to imply that she’ll have the tragic life Zelda Fitzgerald did, but rather that she marches to a different drum.

Never a dull moment here!

And who was perhaps the most delighted of all to welcome Freddie back?

Raki, of course.


8 thoughts on “THE ZED-TEAM

  1. HaHaHa – I bet they do grow after their meals! I loved your sketches of them! With each one I was saying to myself “that’s the one I’d want,” and inevitably with the next pup, I’d be saying it again! I’m glad I’m not close because it would be impossible to choose! I saw Zeus and Raki in the same picture with Freddie, but then I guess that was part of Raki’s sideline protest to be so near when the detestable pups are about!

    1. You got that right, Brenda. Raki’s the sultan around here, and no way is he allowing anything hairy and furry to share in the affections which he considers his rightful due.

  2. Puppies look and sound like a lot of fun, Cathy. Thanks for sharing their names and personality traits. Wish I could be there to experience first hand!

    1. They run me ragged, Carrie, but they are a joy. They are so happy, and so trusting. They love the world!

  3. If you start seeing names unknown to you ‘littering’ this site, Cath, it may be because I’m sharing this with dog lovers I know who just might be tempted to adopt or to share with interested friends. David & I have both fallen in love with these darlings; their adopting families are in for tons of fun!

    1. Cle-vah! They are truly darlings. The pics don’t do them justice as they are difficult to get. No good taking photos when they’re ready to eat, and no good when they’ve eaten because they want to go poo poo, and then sleep. They’re so active that you can’t click the camera fast enough! We love them all.

  4. What an ‘ identikit’ of pups you have created. I have to admit to an irresistible ( almost ) attraction to Zorba and Zoe. If I were still living in a house with a garden I would be planning the passport applications. Is His Lordship’s nose out of joint?

    1. Totally out of joint – yes. He hates them with a passion, yet hangs around them, making his displeasure known. He detests poor little Dimple too. Zorba is in a class of his own. He’s so affectionate, and so deliriously happy. Oddly enough, Zorba and Zoe are faves of mine too. I was outside feeding them a few minutes ago, and I swear they’ve grown since lunchtime.

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