The flycatchers were having a serious squabble yesterday morning outside my study window. The migrant birds have arrived, and this nesting spot which has been empty through the winter, has suddenly become much sought after real estate. I’m not sure if the original occupants have come back to their summer home, or if squatters are trying to take over.

You may recall this entry, Bye-Bye-Birdies, where I pointed out how the birds seem to like using my knitting and sewing trimmings. Yesterday’s argument involved pulling out the previous bedding arrangements – presumably in preparation for a fresh new look – and the dwelling was left in what realtors might term “move-in ready condition,” or des res, as in “desirable residence.”

But today all is quiet. No sign of eager tenants. There are plenty of flycatchers darting about the grounds, and many have nested at the side of the house, but this particular residence appears to be no longer desirable. 

I think it’s a fine spot to raise a family. It’s sheltered, the views are fabulous, the air is fresh, and there’s an abundance of organic food for the offspring.

It will be interesting to see what happens.


4 thoughts on “MOVING SEASON

  1. So much wildlife activity in your vicinity, Cathy. Looking forward to hearing how the property squabbles get resolved.

    1. Around noon today there was some sort of conference taking place at the vacant home. Five birds – 3 females and 2 males – were having a noisy discussion. Maybe a solution is being reached? These property rows can become quite unpleasant. I noticed a kestrel hovering near the waterfront – probably hoping to resolve the situation by eating one of the parties…Raki’s absolutely beside himself!

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