Central Square of Diocletian’s Palace

Earlier this month we found ourselves rather unexpectedly in Split, Croatia – a somewhat long story which I’ll save for another time.

The area around Diocletian’s palace on the waterfront is very attractive, with modern buildings jostling for a spot among impressive examples of historic architecture.

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Tourists tripped off ferries in great gaggles, grouping obediently for their guides, and while the locals, enjoying their Friday evening downtime, shopped, sipped their drinks, chatted, enjoyed the delicious ice cream, we soaked up the atmosphere.

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I was struck by the fact that no cat was to be seen.  It seemed odd to me as I would have expected many a moggie to be scrounging, if not lounging, about.  Do they only appear late at night? Is there some sort of control by the local authorities?  This might be the reason for there were no stray dogs either.

Pet dogs there were a-plenty though, their owners cheerfully allowing me to take photos, and even striking a pose for me.  I do always ask first and find that folk are most obliging.

Says something about dog lovers, no?

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