Bella’s pups are growing and maturing so fast that people are finding it hard to believe that they aren’t yet four weeks old. I think they’re going to be bigger than she is, and as we have no idea who papa (or papas were) we can only wait and see how they develop.


 This past Wednesday, when they were just exactly three weeks old, led by the obvious leader of the pack – I’m calling him Zeus – they clambered over the rocks keeping their door ajar and out into The Great Unknown. Actually, it wasn’t quite so unknown as we’ve carried them outside before several times and placed them on the ground, but on this occasion it was under their own steam.

It was funny watching them. They were a bit bewildered at first, not too sure of themselves. There was quite a bit of high-pitched squealing, and snuffling around, and several attempts to get back inside to the safety of the familiar, but once inside again, they climbed directly back out. Ron opened the door wide for them to make it easier, and then the game was on.

Bella, however, was totally disinterested. This rather surprised me. Did she not care, or was she letting them find their feet, as it were, in the Great Big World? She wasn’t far away, but she made no effort to approach them, no matter how much they squeaked and wailed. Ron and I were greatly amused watching them, and I suppose Bella was well aware that her puddle of pups were in no danger. Interestingly enough, as each one tired, he or she waddled on shaky little legs back to the snuggly comfort of their bedding and dropped off to sleep very quickly.

Again, I was a bit taken aback that Bella didn’t join them. I guess I’m more accustomed to mother cats who are far more solicitous – at least in my experience – of their babies. The pups’ little bellies must have been full though, for they slept quietly for a long time. Or maybe they were simply exhausted by their adventure.

It definitely hasn’t been dull around here in this quiet little part of Kalamos.


6 thoughts on “THE GREAT ESCAPE!

  1. Oh they are so pudgy and adorable! Now that they’ve made the great escape, I believe they’ll explore further and further! Mama is tired! She thinks it’s time they thought about their future plans perhaps! Good thought on weening them – Bella is probably delighted you took it upon yourself! It’s like they’re growing in front of your eyes! Zeus kind of reminds me of a Bernese Mountain Dog but they have longer hair I think? At any rate, they’re like the 5 stooges bumbling around! I love it when puppies and kittens sleep in a pile or fall asleep in the middle of playing! 🙂

    1. They are causing some concern as yes, they’re wandering about. We’re trying to build some kind of enclosure for them. They are a full time job!

  2. And only three weeks old!?!? Makes me smile to imagine what those four will be getting up to in the next weeks and months. Never a dull moment around your place, Cathy!

    1. They’re keeping us on our toes, that’s for sure. They seem exceptionally smart – everyone’s stunned at their progress. I’ll have to post pics daily as they’re growing at an incredible rate.

    1. They grow by the minute, and are becoming very self-assured – Zeus in particular, hence the name. He’s going to be a big lad, I reckon, judging by the size of his head and the breadth of his shoulders. And not yet a month old! I think he has a lot of Greek sheepdog in him.

      Their tails wag furiously when they see us, and all are eager to be picked up. They really are very well adjusted and should be really nice pets. I began weaning them on Wednesday – they love their slop. Some great pics that I’ll post (or rather, poor Ron will post) later this week.

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