Who knows what has infuriated them, but Poseidon and Aeolus are lashing out in dramatic fashion at each other. The normally placid Pagasitic has been whipped white with rage as Aeolus unleashes the winds which he has kept tightly tethered for some time, and Poseidon, foaming at the mouth, responds in great swathes of churning waves. No truce in sight …

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Olives Flying


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IMGP4217 [HDTV (1080)]
Jason and his Argonauts would have battled
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What?? ME go outside?!


The Sea Scouts of Greece camped out for a week here on the Peninsula this summer, pitching tents in neat rows along the shore.





Their sailing boats were a cheerful sight on the water, bringing Jason and his Argonauts to mind, not to mention all the other seafarers of ancient days who voyaged through the Pagasitic Gulf.

P1220623AIMGP3804 [HDTV (1080)]A








Jason set out after something of value, and I like to think these young people, active and happy in constructive activity, found something of value to their lives.





Up and down the Gulf they went, their sailing boats looking like giant prehistoric insects, having lessons in all manner of water craft.



Sound carries so well over water that we could often hear the instructors, hear the young sailors, hear the merry laughter.



IMGP3808A Boat Train




Races and regattas. Campfires and camaraderie. Storytelling and song. Such fun!

I missed them when they left.


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