WINDOW: An opening in a wall, a roof, a vehicle which allows the entry of air and light; usually features panes of glass; can see and be seen through; may be secured by shutters or bars.

117-1786_IMG [HDTV (721) [1024x768]

126-2614_IMG [HDTV (721) [1024x768]

126-2632_IMG [HDTV (721) [1024x768]

126-2634_IMG [HDTV (721) [1024x768]

126-2654_IMG [HDTV (721)_ShiftN [1024x768]

129-2977_IMG [HDTV (721)_ShiftN [1024x768]

132-3205_IMG_ShiftN [1024x768]

134-3474_IMG_ShiftN [1024x768]

136-3692_IMG_ShiftN [1024x768]

137-3776_IMG_ShiftN [1024x768]

145-4574_IMG_ShiftN [1024x768]

146-4632_IMG_ShiftN [1024x768]

146-4640_IMG_ShiftN [1024x768]

148-4896_IMG_A [1024x768]

153-5320_IMG_ShiftN [1024x768]

155-5596_IMG_A [1024x768]

168_6857_ShiftN [1024x768]

IMG_6893_ShiftN [1024x768]

P1110447_ShiftN [1024x768]

P1110460 [HDTV (1080)] [1024x768]

P1110466 [HDTV (1080)] [1024x768]

P1110495 [HDTV (1080)] [1024x768]

P1110839 [HDTV (1080)] [1024x768]

P1110842 [HDTV (1080)] [1024x768]

P1110843 [HDTV (1080)] [1024x768]

P1110844 [1024x768]

P1120044 [HDTV (1080)] [1024x768]

P1120620_ShiftN [1024x768]

P1120930 [HDTV (1080)] [1024x768]

P1130752 [HDTV (1080)] [1024x768]

P1130766 [HDTV (1080)] [1024x768]

P1130774 [HDTV (1080)] [1024x768]

P1140955 [HDTV (1080)] [1024x768]

P1150024 [HDTV (1080)] [1024x768]

P1150240_ShiftN [1024x768]

P1150273 [HDTV (1080)]_ShiftN [1024x768]

P1170580 [1024x768]

P1180697 [1024x768]

P1180993 [HDTV (1080)] [1024x768]

P1210145 [HDTV (1080)] [1024x768]

P1230385 [1024x768] [1024x768]


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