Bella’s pups are five weeks old and enjoying what might well be some of the happiest days of their lives. Personalities are emerging, and although all the puplets are eating very well and lapping water, they still want to cuddle with mama from time to time.

Zelda’s a feisty little thing, but she does seek out the comfort of mum when she can. The pups don’t eat much at Bella’s generous table anymore – she certainly doesn’t encourage them –  but have begun developing their very own patterns of eating.

I feed them four times a day, but notice that not all of them are interested in the late morning feed – what Ron calls “second breakfast” – as they grow. Zoe and Zelda often skip this meal which makes me wonder if it’s something to do with their different physiques – they’re smaller boned than the other three.

Zorba’s showing a very independent streak. He likes to rough and tumble with his siblings, but then he takes himself off for long naps. Alone. Maybe he’s channeling his inner Greta Garbo, but he’s given me a few anxious moments when I’ve had to go in search of him.  Here he is earlier this morning – he was hard to spot until he moved.


He does enjoy his food, which he takes on his own schedule. I suppose because he’s bigger, he can eat enough to keep him happy for several hours.


Zeus plays hard and naps long. He sleeps through just about anything, does Zeus. Not even the jets roaring overhead will cause him to stir, much less his siblings clambering all over him.

What’s your problem, Zza Zza?

Can’t a guy get some peace and quiet around here?

Zeus and Zorba

Zeus and Zorba are great pals and are identical in size. Will that change as they grow?

Hey! Where’d you all go?
Yes? What?
Shall we wake up and play?

Have it your own way then. See if I care!
Life’s good!


8 thoughts on “HAPPY DAYS

  1. They’re huge! So cute, I’d just love to watch them play and nap all day! Cute pictures! The one of Zorba napping in the clover (or just plants?) is so cute! So much fun! I wish you could keep them all too! If only for the pup-elogue as they make their way in life! I know you can’t, but it’s nice to think they’d all be together! How old do they have to be to get adopted? I really hope they find loving, forever homes!

    1. They’ll certainly stay with Bella until at least two months old. Poor dog – she’s fed up with them!

  2. If I had the money, I’d get a big ol’ fenced-in ranch in TX, where we all could do extended stays (esp you, Moira!), and let them all grow up together, herding cows & running geese, & relaxing under the shelter of wide shade trees. Which makes me wonder: if, say, a rancher in TX were interested, is there a specific process for adopting & transporting? Or would that need to be planned on an individual basis?

    1. Grand idea! If you’re referring to a pup being adopted, it needs what they will all get soon – their Animal Passport, the chip, rabies and other shots. Then the dog can be taken to USA, or into other parts of Europe either by a pet transport service, or by accompanying a passenger in a plane. These pups are such a joy.

  3. If nothing else, their lives have started on a charmed note. I am SO miffed that I am not there to play with them. Zeus and Zorba are going to be big boys.

    1. Zeus and Zorba are great big softies. I’m sure they’ll be typically placid, but still very alert. It’s impossible for me to pick a favourite among them all. Each one has a distinct personality. All are happy and loving, but what really stands out to us is that they aren’t scared; they’re not fearful. I suppose I’m so accustomed to timid and terrorised dogs that have been born to desperate mothers, starved and chased away and all manner of horrors, that I find the Zed-team utterly delightful. I wish we could keep them all!

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