With all the attention recently seeming to focus on the latest furry additions to the household, some of you have been asking if the other cats have been sidelined.

Hardly! Retsina and Ouzo are now almost twelve, and still as standoffish to the other cats as ever – they spend most of their time on various beds and armchairs these days. Mythos is ten, doing perfectly fine considering the poor prognosis he was given as a desperately ill kitten and Raki is nine.

While ‘Sina, Ooze and Mythos are beginning to show age, with Ouzo in particular being quite arthritic, the little white horror is just as lively and demanding as always. He misses nothing, is involved in everything, expresses his opinion loudly and frequently and is absolutely adored by us both. One tries not to have favorites, but….

Remember him?

To this day he seems unaware that he’s a cat and we believe he imprinted on us. He behaves very differently to the others, disdaining all contact with them. He cannot bear to be parted from human company and is extremely inquisitive, always needing to be involved in whatever’s going on. He has an opinion on everything and all but speaks.

Yes, I know we’re besotted, but he’s unique among the scores of cats I’ve ever been owned by.



  1. One of my favorite photos ever–the intro to this paean to the rather rakishly royal Raki. How lucky you are that he deigns to share space with you two.

  2. Love all the wonderful photos. Really makes me wonder what’s going on in his head and just what kind of creature Raki thinks he is.

    1. Thank you, Carrie. We truly believe that Raki doesn’t know he’s a cat; he has no clue how to behave around the others. He’s distressed if separated from us, or from Costa or Freddie when we’re away.

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