KEDI: cat (Turkish)

P1150253 [HDTV (1080)] [1024x768]

Maybe I should go in?

P1150217 [HDTV (1080)] [1024x768]

Got anything for me?

P1170368 [HDTV (1080)] [1024x768]

My friends

P1170315 [HDTV (1080)] [1024x768]

Clear out, Buster!

P1170394 [HDTV (1080)] [1024x768]

Where’s the lunchtime crowd?

P1170329 [HDTV (1080)] [1024x768]

We’re not sharing

P1170319 [HDTV (1080)] [1024x768]

Still room at the inn

P1170317 [HDTV (1080)] [1024x768]

See my fine coat?

P1170318 [HDTV (1080)] [1024x768]

Keeping an eye on things

P1170314 [HDTV (1080)] [1024x768]

Be careful in the street

P1170333 [HDTV (1080)] [1024x768]

Love this sun!

P1140409 [HDTV (1080)] [1024x768]

Deep in thought

P1170409 [HDTV (1080)] [1024x768]

Yes? What?

P1150130 [HDTV (1080)] [1024x768]

I’m headed to that cushion

P1150181 [HDTV (1080)] [1024x768]

Watching the world go by

P1140774 [HDTV (1080)] [1024x768]

Cat nap

P1140768 [HDTV (1080)] [1024x768]


P1140757 [HDTV (1080)] [1024x768]

Could we have a little quiet here?

P1140804 [HDTV (1080)] [1024x768]

Never mind the inscription

The translation of the Greek is to the effect that the vault, statue and satyr were erected during the time of the Roman proconsul, Rouson; this has clearly not survived intact.

P1140799 [HDTV (1080)] [1024x768]

There’s water in this hole!

Raki is our very own, much adored and most indulged, Turkish Van cat.

IMGP0687A [1024x768]


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