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  1. Oh, no…
    You did everything you could. I’m sure he knew he was well loved.

    • It was extremely difficult, yes. He was starving to death. Quite literally. Theresa did absolutely everything she could, but his lungs were filled with pus. There was no hope at all.

  2. Oh Cath, I have only just seen this post. I am so sorry that it had come to this but I sincerely think that it was best for poor Bud. I know that you must have been devastated.

    • People make the usual crass remarks: “It was only a cat” and so on, but he was totally adorable and such a fighter. He had antibodies for feline aids which he must have got from his mother. He had no chance at all, but right to the end he was loving and interested in everything. Theresa is one in a million – she came in out of hours to attend to him when it became clear that his suffering should be ended. Ron has been shattered by it. I swear I will NEVER get more pets, and yet…see today’s blog.

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